Technical Analyst/Programmer

Company Name:
RFA Engineering
Position Type:
RFA Engineering (www.rfamec.com) is seeking a growth oriented technical data engineer to be part of our engineering team at our customer's facility in Lafayette, IN.
The selected candidate will work with our experienced engineering staff in the organization of technical marketing information of large diesel and gas engine components and sub-systems. The candidate will work both as an individual contributor and as part of an information technology team. Work may include analysis and publishing of technical information for engines in the areas of performance, emissions, heat rejection, noise, and other metrics. This position represents a unique opportunity for candidates interested in working in a fast paced, team environment.
Experienced and proficient use of computers, computer systems, and data analysis
Test tracking maintenance and support
Analyze test history data with the goal of problem identification and resolution
Experience with Adobe, Microsoft Excel, Access, Lotus123, Crystal Reports, and other legacy systems
Programming experience
Experience writing SQL queries and basic logic statements
Major in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Programming Technology or Computer Graphics Technology
RFA Engineering has provided machine design and engineering services to industry leading customers since 1943. Our primary focus is project based product development of off highway equipment including agricultural, construction, mining, recreational,

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